Thursday, 1 May 2008

Happy May Day!

Today has been exceptionally exciting for a revision day. I'm thanking the fact it's finally May for why today was so good. I managed to wake up 4 minutes before my alarm went off. There's something bizarre about how amazing it feels to wake up naturally after a good nights sleep compared to being rudely awoken by a noisy horrible alarm. What is even more worrying is that I just wrote exam instead of alarm. I would not like to be woken up by a noisy exam!!

Then I managed to get some revision notes written. As a reward I went to our student canteen. I always pleasantly surprised at how lovely the food is. I can be a fussy eater. Not fussy as in not eating vegetables or fish or something, I'll eat anything... If it's cooked well. Today for a bargaintastic £4.40 I got a huge bowl of tasty vegetably curry and rice and a can of icy cold Fanta. Heaven.


Then to top it all off on the way home I managed to stay between two rain clouds the whole time. So while the rest of London was being rained on, I was strolling in the sunshine.

It's London Mayor voting day today. As always I voted. What shocked me however was how people weren't at all sure how the voting system worked. Having done an A-level in politics I covered how the different voting systems in the world worked, so I guess I'm lucky in that respect. However it means that I have spent all week boring people with the ins and outs of how it all works. As of tomorrow hopefully I'll have a new political conversation on my hands. In my group of friends we have both Boris and Ken supporters. Lunch time tomorrow should have some interesting conversation.

Lily xXx

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