Wednesday, 30 April 2008

More Non-Exam Related Rubbishness

Went to the doctors today and my blood tests were 100% normal... hurrah!! Unfortunately this leaves a big mystery as to why even more sore lymph nodes have come up and why my neck is now bulgy on one-side. Aparrently my blood tests should have shown if I had glandular fever... but the tests say no. So that kind of rules that out, although I could still have a viral infection hiding somewhere. Scarily the doctor is now wanting to rule out lymphoma and TB.

To rule these out she sent me for a chest xray. This went fine although I felt like a midget because they had to move the thing I pressed my chest against really low. The gown they gave me also touched the floor. Very attractive. It took me a good 5 minutes to decide how to tie it up too. Completely baffling. What was wrong with my plain easy to put on T-shirt?

Anyway the radiographer wouldn't let me see my chest afterwards. He was all secretive. I'm telling myself that it's just because thats what he's been told to do but my paranoid side along with the fact he was highly confused at me being an outpatient is making me worry something is wrong. Probably best not to think about it until I see the GP next week.

On the way home the TFL ticket inspectors made me cry. Apparently I hadn't touched out and back in at the tube station where the hospital was. I totally did. I even remember exclaiming to my flatmate "Ooooh. I've only paid 80p for this journey. I must have spent upto a travelcard today." Anyway according to their computer I got on the tube at my home stop, roamed the underground for an hour and a half, and then got back on the right train to go home. The man was really aggressive over it and started telling me off for being a liar and that I could go to court. I told him he could phone the hospital to double check I had actually been there for over half an hour, and there was no other way I could get off/on the tube at that stop without touching in and out. Eventually he made me cry and the whole crew of 4 inspectors who had been bulling me decided to "give me the benefit of the doubt". A mixture of this, feeling ill and the last few days of worry just all got far too much for me and I ran home from the station in tears and sat in bed crying all afternoon.

Unfortunately my flatmate had a hellish exam this afternoon. Fortunately she's brought haribo home to cheer herself up and is feeding me them too! Yum yum yum. It seems she has been a victim of the annoyingness of course supervisors writing exam papers not realising what the students have covered. Everyone in the group found the exam near impossible and couldn't recall covering most of the topics. I know how hard she worked for these exams so I'm really frustrated for her. Fingers crossed mine don't go the same way.

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