Sunday, 6 April 2008

Crazy Changing Weather

Sorry everyone. My talking about how beautiful the weather is getting has clearly jinxed us all. I woke up this morning to find it had snowed so much that children were throwing snowballs at each other outside. In fact it's still snowing a little now. It must have been a fair bit of snow because in central London, usually within an hour or two of people being outside, everything turns to a horrible icy slush.

No playing in the snow for me today though. Not at all. I've made myself a rigorous timetable for the next few days, so by Friday morning I have a complete first draft of my dissertation. I think I am possibly being a little optimisitic when I think this will give my supervisors time to look at it, but at least it will give me the time to put it away for a few days and come back to it with a fresh mind.

A little bit scarily I have a presentation about the project on Tuesday. I'm not exactly a shy person, In fact Id say I pretty much love being the centre of attention. So I have no idea why I'm so nervous. Probably it's due to the total grilling I've had on my last two presentations. Not to mention the high quality of everyone else's. All I can really say about mine was "Drug X had absolutely no significant effect on A, B or C. Therefore Drug X does not cause its bad effects through A, B or C." It would be much easier if I was actually showing something as opposed to nothing. Amusingly someone I know did a project on some health risks from cannabis smoking, and their project showed that smoking cannabis was better for your health. Completely against all the other research. At least I dont have as tough a job explaining mine as she will.

Lily xXx

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dr_dyb said...

My Honours project showed nothing, but did validate my (new) protocol, and the lab used it to prove something else, so I got 2 credits on papers for work I didn't have to do!

So hang in there.