Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Temper Tantrum

For the first time in months I lost my temper today. Quite frequently people come up to me and ask me about their medical problems, usually showing me crusty sores on their feet or moaning about their morning's bowel movements. Usually I don't mind listening and I'm willing to give some common sense advice which usually goes along the lines of "If it's bothering you go to see your GP." or "Since you've been throwing up all day make sure you drink lots of fluids" and other things that any normal non-medical person would recommend. I also always make a point of reminding people that I'm just a medical student, and I'm not that far into my studies, so I actually probably know nothing more about their problem than they do and certainly cannot give them proper medical advice.

Today some middle-aged grumpy woman who vaguely knows my dad came upto me in the chemist and asked me to explain the medication she'd been prescribed. I was totally honest with her and said I had absolutely no idea what these tablets were, or what they were for, but why didn't she take the opportunity of being in the chemist and ask the pharmacist. She then said, in the most accusitory tone, that it was clear that either I'm lying about being at medical school or that I'm incredibly stupid because surely after almost 3 years at uni I should know about the medication she is on. Needless to say I ended up snapping at her that as much as I enjoy reading the BNF and pharmacology textbooks constantly in my free time (or not!!) that she was right and I must just be stupid not to know everything by now. In fact I'm clearly so stupid that she shouldn't waste her valuable breath bothering to talk to me. Grrrr

As I am clearly thick, I'm going to spend the rest of this afternoon making pizzas from scratch for the football tonight instead of writing my dissertation. I hope my pizza dough works out, but maybe I was too stupid to read the recipe properly.

Lily xXx

Edit: The pizza bases stuck, clearly I am to stupid to even follow a simple recipe.

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the little medic said...

That is clearly ridiculous and you were right to snap at her!