Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Wanted : 2000 Words.

Finally, this morning, I finished the first draft of my dissertation. It's not amazing, I think I'd probably struggle to get 50% if I handed it in as it is, but it's a nice start. While talking to everyone else writing their dissertations they all seem to have the opposite problem to me. Everyone seems to be well over the maximum word count, whereas I feel I need another 2000 words to make mine acceptable to hand in. Unfortunately I have no idea what to put in these 2000 words. I still have one set of results waiting to come back, so all in all that will probably account for anywhere between 500 - 700 words once I've slotted it in the discussion too. This still leaves me with 1000 words to come from nowhere. I presumed I'd be able to flesh out my introduction a little more, but I really can't think of much else to write without straying off topic.

I feel slightly better because someone who told me they were 2000 words over their limit, has now told me their limit is only 6,000 words, but others in my group who have a 10,000 word limit seem to be freaking out about writing too much.

I still have 10 days until the deadline, but ideally I'd like to have the whole thing done by the end of this week to give me time to get it spiral bound. I'd also like to get it done because it's now all i talk about. It's ruling my life completely.

I also have tummy ache. Perhaps having half an easter egg for breakfast and half for lunch wasn't the best cullinary idea I have ever had. It's not even as if I really like chocolate. I was just hungry and lazy. The only nice way to have chocolate is chocolate milk. Mmmmm... Maybe I'll have chocolate milk for dinner.

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