Friday, 11 April 2008

Spoke Too Soon

It seems that I jinxed myself by being mildly positive about my BSc. It turns out I have to do loads of really hard stuff for my results, involving the dreaded SPSS, when one of my supervisors told me not to bother. It also turns out I've got to measure more stuff in the lab and add it into the project but still get it written and spiral bound by the 25th of this month! And just when I thought it was all coming to an end... it has been suggested I come back in the summer and double my sample size so I can write a publishable paper. On the surface this seems quite nice... who wouldn't want a paper published? In reality it means I have to find healthy male volunteers who can spare 2 whole mornings!! I've found out this is near impossible. Something tells me that I am going to have many sleepless nights over the summer trying to think of devious yet ethically sound ways to convince people to volunteer for my project.

So today has been spent not doing by dissertation but trying to make SPSS work. I guess if i completely work my socks off tomorrow I can make sure the first draft is nice and finished (obviously minus all the other stuff I now have to do in the lab.). Unfortunately I seem to have a problem workng my socks off. Probably because I have been wearing flip flops and not socks at all for the last few days.

Lily xXx

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