Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Hairy Hoovering

I thought packing was bad but it is nothing compared to having to clean the flat afterwards. There was just so much random stuff that needed to be thrown out. Worse than that there was two years worth of dust and dirt hidden in certain corners. We even washed the walls in some parts of the flat. The scariest thing however was when I hoovered. I made sure the brush bit was down on the hoover so it brushed the carpet too and so much hair came up. Most of it was mine, a fair amount was the flatmates. I'm surprised we both still have full heads of thick hair as we malt so much.

On the way home from the flat a man offered me his seat on the train. It shows chivalry is not dead. I usually end up having to stand for the 40mins until the first stop where alot of people get off. I guess I looked pretty tired today as I have been feeling more and more ill recently, he asked if I was feeling OK and gave me his seat. Lovely man. I think I would have just curled up on the floor if he hadn't.

Fingers crossed the weather stays good tomorrow. Then I can go to the beach. Hurrah! I haven't been to the beach to sit in the sunshine yet this summer as I never seem to be around or free when the sun is shining. I need to synthesise some vitamin D.

Lily xXx

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Is That Phone Broken?

Today I have a nice little story for you all. It's a story about my flatmate.

On my birthday the battery on my mobile died, so I asked if she could put my sim card in her phone. It wouldn't work. When she put her own sim back in the phone it still wouldn't work. We thought it was broken. 4 weeks later she finally gets around to taking it to some phone shop to be fixed. The man looks at it. Takes the sim out. Puts the sim in the right way. The phone works. Complete and total humilation. I'd like to add that my flatmate is also a medical student. Oh the future of tomorrow's doctors.Tee hee hee

On a completely unrelated note, I survived the long drive. Woo! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Roundabouts as usual were a nightmare. I hate roundabouts. I don't think I did anything particularly stupid while I was driving though, so I feel pretty good. I even managed to do 2 left reversing around corners, and to do them pretty well if you ask me.

Back to packing tomorrow. Joy. Won't have my new flat keys in time to give these ones back so I'm going to have to move all my stuff back home and then to my new flat. Not impressed.

Lily xXx

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Bored of Relaxing

It's happened already. I've got so bored of relaxing that I've started working. This can only be good for my bank balance but has many of my friends looking at me like I'm insane. This is because they don't realise how fun it is to work in a bar. For all the annoying people who shout and swear or vomit on me there are 100 other lovely customers who really make my day. The other people I was working with are really hyper and cheerful like me, which made working even more fun. Work becomes a whole lot more fun when the 3 of us behind the bar are all singing and dancing and laughing, and the customers love us. I've now been working part time in this bar so long a lot of the regulars feel almost like family. It's just a really nice atmosphere. Shame some dappy tart stood on my foot while wearing high heels. It still hurts now.

Thankfully as well as enjoying work my friends are being great and putting up with my new erratic sleeping and waking hours now I'm working in the evening. This means they'll have breakfast with me at lunchtime and they don't mind waiting up late for me to watch a DVD after work when I need to wind down.

The love quadrangle is complicated as ever, but I've decided to just go with the flow and do what feels right. I really get along well with this guy so no matter what we're staying as friends, and if that develops into something more it shouldn't be an issue with the rest of our friends. I think the main issue is that my best friend is worried that he's trying to string his ex and I along. This would be bad. Now she's realised that anything between him and I is based on the fact that we get on really well and have a giggle together, I'm getting a lot less negativity.

Scarily on Tuesday I'm having my first ever big drive. I'm driving a friend 108 miles to pick up his new car, and then driving back ON MY OWN! Needless to say I am a little nervous. Especially since I have the sense of direction of a cabbage. Fingers crossed with traffic I won't be driving more than 5 hours. Knowing me I'll end up in Scotland or Wales. I'm just hoping that I manage to follow my friend's car back home. Apparently I get to drive past the junction for Ikea. The temptation to stop for meatballs might be too large to resist. Mmmmm.

Lily xXx

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Packing Nightmare

I've found something else to stress about. Moving house. Argh!

Not only do I seem to permenantly be at the solicitor reading over something I completely don't understand, but the whole packing business is not fun. Got to my flat last night and it was such a mess. So instead of organising my stuff and starting to pack I've been cleaning. Not impressed. As I have to go see the solicitors who are in my home town tomorrow morning I have about 4 hours of actual packing left. So basically I'm going to get bugger all done today. So unimpressed. What impressed me least was the huge overflowing smelly bag of rotting rubbish. Ew ew ew ew ew ew.

Technically I can't blame this on anyone and I'm pretty sure a good 1/3 of this mess is mine as much as anyone else's but why oh why can't I have a little house elf!?

On a lighter yet scarier note I went to see a play last night. It was called Haunted and it was in a really little theatre. Overall it was good, albeit a little hard to follow at times, but that could be because I was very tired. The actress who played Kat Slater in Eastenders was in it, and she was really good. She played a mother of two children in a haunted flat who was having some friends over for dinner. The story was complicated by the fact she had a nervous breakdown and kept complaining of voices she could hear. It led to a big discussion with my flatmate afterwards as to whether she was mentally ill or the place was haunted. Noone was quite sure when it ended so noone clapped for ages which was fairly amusing. The seats at the theatre were really squeaky and uncomfortable, which was irritating as everyone was wriggling to get comfy and just making loads of noise. Irritating wriggly people!

Anyway I really should be packing right about now, as blogging is not going to help me get all my belongings into bags and boxes. I'm not sure how I've managed to accumulate so much junk.

Lily xXx

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Lazy Days

I am so loving the lazy summer student lifestyle. Even a part time job can't ruin it. It's so nice to be able to go to bed knowing that I don't have reading/essays/tutorial preparation to do.

Yesterday I had a proper lazy day. I got up about 10.30. A family friend who is a really good hairdresser came over and gave me a hair cut. Then I went for lunch with my Dad. Later I popped to the bank. After such an exerting morning I had a little afternoon nap and watched some Jeremy Kyle. In the evening I just lounged on the terrace of a bar with a friend, and happened to bump into one of my best friends who was only home for the evening, which was really nice.

Shame the haircut is a disaster. I've had it cut about shoulder length, which is around 5" shorter than it was. Now apparently 'blunt' cuts are in fashion so everyone told me not to get layers put in. My hair is far too thick not to have layers. It's awful. It also doesn't seem to curl properly at the moment, which is odd. I would have thought with it weighing less it would curl as much if not more than before. Needless to say I'm giving it a fortnight to grow on me and if it doesn't I'm having layers cut in.

Lily xXx

Monday, 9 June 2008

Rubbish Viva

Well the Viva was rubbish. They slagged off my project more than asking questions, and for once most of the bad points weren't my fault. All I could really say for a lot of the questions was "Prof Useless said we couldn't afford to do that." or "Prof Useless said we for a BSc project it wasn't worth teaching me how to do that." I also realized that in my discussion, rather than putting in the number of a reference I had just written (ref). How this got past my method of highlighting everything I needed to find a reference for in red, and then proof reading a million times I do not know, but I feel so stupid. I also noticed 4 grammatical mistakes. Not impressed. I feel like a great big idiot.

Needless to say I spent all weekend feeling sorry for myself, not helped by the fact I just haven't been feeling well. I'm clearly falling to pieces and need a total body transplant.

There's further gossip on the love-quadrangle. The girl who is dating/sleeping with my ex, told her ex that he better not come near me or try anything on. She hadn't however told him she was sleeping with my ex and had been for at least 2 months. I thought he knew this and opened my big mouth saying "Well it's none of her business what we do. Anyway she can talk, she's been sleeping with my ex for months!". She is clearly going to murder me in my sleep. Fingers crossed she'll believe me when I say that I've done nothing more than hold his hand (which is actually the truth!).

However I am now getting bored of this love-quadrangle, and really feel it's a lot more effort than it's worth. I am going back to plan A: Get job. Buy house. Buy cats. Be cat lady.

I had 5" of my hair cut off today. My head now feels so light. It also means I'll be able to put my hair up in a bun or ponytail without it exploding into a big hairy ball of hairiness. Hurrah.

I'm off to sit in the sunshine now. Best make the most of this sunshine, it could be the last sunny day knowing England.

Lily xXx

Thursday, 5 June 2008


I went to see Wicked the musical yesterday. It was amazing, or as my flatmate would say wickedy-bo! I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone. Not only is it a good musical, the cast were flawless, the script was witty and the costumes were awe inspiring. The best things in my eyes however were the flying monkeys. I want one.

I currently should be revising for my viva. I'm not sure what to do. Apart from reading over my project, I really can't see how else I can prepare. So instead of preparing I shall tell you about my twisted love life. It's so twisted I should have my own soap opera. Basically one of my friends has started dating my ex. I was cool with this because I get on well with the both of them. This girl's ex boyfriend has now asked me out for lunch and we've been text flirting alot. Although this is all a little inbred, I didn't think there would be a problem. Oh how wrong I was. Turns out this girl has been telling my ex that she's really into him but telling our mutual best friend that she's still in love with her ex and reckons they'll get back together. Are you still following? I'm confusing myself here.

Now I don't know what to do. Should I tell my ex that I think she's stringing him along? He deserves to be treated better than that. Should I still go out for lunch with her ex? He seems like a really decent guy. Should I just totally cut myself off from the whole situation? Probably best.

Lily xXx

Tuesday, 3 June 2008


I have just had the most relaxing few days of the year so far. I've spent the last few days reading books and generally chilling out with the friends I haven't seen since last summer. I think I've found my calling in life, maybe I should be a lady of leisure.

Even the bad weather isn't getting me down. It's amazing how post-exams nothing really makes me frown. In fact I have my spotty purple welly boots ready for the next big downpour of rain. Puddles here I come!

Unfortunately I have my viva on Friday. I'm really not sure what to do to prepare, other than read my project write up and make sure I can explain and justify everything I did. I'm not too nervous about it yet, in a twisted way part of me is really looking forward to seeing what happens in a viva. Talking is generally my strong point, and I can come across as quite confident so this might bunk up my marks a little bit. If it doesn't go to plan I'm not the type of person to burst into tears in the middle of it and run away, so fingers crossed it should go okay. I'm feeling so laid back about this I'm practically upside down. 3 days until this BSc is completely over (Unless I end up having to do a borderline viva...), Yay!!

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Post-Exam Weekend Madness

Strictly speaking my exams aren't officially over until Friday, but as all the written ones are out of the way and there isn't much preparation that can go into a project viva I had a pretty mad weekend, hence the lack of posting. In fact I think I'll now need to sleep for a month to recover.

The last exam was OK. The questions as always were a little random in part, but I could answer one of them really confidently and I'm pretty sure I got a few marks on the other one. I'm just so glad that I can go back to my lovely multiple choice exams next year.

Friday evening, when I got home, my Dad's friend had kitted out my Dad's bar with loads of lovely birthday balloons and banners, and I got a big cake. I was so pleased. Pretty much all my friends came along too, which made the night absolutely amazing (apart from one little incident that I may or may not write about later depending on how angry I still am). I got even more presents (I really got spoilt this year), the highlight of these was a hand knitted bright orange scarf made my Dad's business partners little girl. It might be the coolest present I have ever got. I'll try to take a pic and post it later if i can find my camera under the huge piles of presents.

I had planned Saturday to be a calmer, less alcohol fuelled night out. This totally didn't work out. I pretty much drank my body weight in champagne. I blame everyone for being bad influences and topping up my glass too often. Strangely I don't seem to have a hangover, so I could quite possibly still be drunk.

Plan for today is just to chill out, read some books and hang out with my big sister and niece. Maybe a nice long afternoon nap is in order. Napping is definitely my new hobby. Well maybe not so new.

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and/or luck with my exams. You all made me smile!

Lily xXx