Thursday, 5 June 2008


I went to see Wicked the musical yesterday. It was amazing, or as my flatmate would say wickedy-bo! I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone. Not only is it a good musical, the cast were flawless, the script was witty and the costumes were awe inspiring. The best things in my eyes however were the flying monkeys. I want one.

I currently should be revising for my viva. I'm not sure what to do. Apart from reading over my project, I really can't see how else I can prepare. So instead of preparing I shall tell you about my twisted love life. It's so twisted I should have my own soap opera. Basically one of my friends has started dating my ex. I was cool with this because I get on well with the both of them. This girl's ex boyfriend has now asked me out for lunch and we've been text flirting alot. Although this is all a little inbred, I didn't think there would be a problem. Oh how wrong I was. Turns out this girl has been telling my ex that she's really into him but telling our mutual best friend that she's still in love with her ex and reckons they'll get back together. Are you still following? I'm confusing myself here.

Now I don't know what to do. Should I tell my ex that I think she's stringing him along? He deserves to be treated better than that. Should I still go out for lunch with her ex? He seems like a really decent guy. Should I just totally cut myself off from the whole situation? Probably best.

Lily xXx


The Overfiend ! said...

The Overfiend concludes that if you are into a guy, you should pursue him regardless of what the other parts of the triangle/square/tesseract are up to - it is, after all, your happiness. Therefore, the Overfiend concludes that lunch is a good move. If all goes wrong, "it's only lunch".

Additionally, the Overfiend advises that if any friendly advice is going to be passed on to a friend about being strung along then it should come from a neutral source, outside of the triangle/square/tesseract.

Finally, the Overfiend declares that tesseracts are awesome.

the flatmate said...

firstly...what is a tesseract? it sounds awesome!
secondly, go for it with the man! you deserve it after some of the "men" youve dated. and who is this other girl to complain when shes with your ex hmm?
thirdly, take the Overfiend's advice...get someone impartial to mention it...preferably make sure theyre awesome enough to drop it in like a casual remark without meaning to potentilly cause problems...that way everyone apart from the lying back stabbing bitch is off the hook!

Lily said...

A tesseracts is a regular octachoron, the 4-dimentional analogue of the cube (i.e. a tesseract is to a cube as a cube is to a square).

It is also called a 4 dimentional hypercube.

Impressed?! Prof Wikipedia teaches me many things!

Overfiend, I shall take your advice.

Flatmate... make me a cup of tea!

Dragonfly said...

And people say that medical students don't have social lives!!

Neumed said...

So her ex is dating his ex and you're wondering if you should go out with... wait, your ex is dating his ex and your dating her ex, but one of them wants to get back together with... no, that's not it.

Who's on first?