Monday, 9 June 2008

Rubbish Viva

Well the Viva was rubbish. They slagged off my project more than asking questions, and for once most of the bad points weren't my fault. All I could really say for a lot of the questions was "Prof Useless said we couldn't afford to do that." or "Prof Useless said we for a BSc project it wasn't worth teaching me how to do that." I also realized that in my discussion, rather than putting in the number of a reference I had just written (ref). How this got past my method of highlighting everything I needed to find a reference for in red, and then proof reading a million times I do not know, but I feel so stupid. I also noticed 4 grammatical mistakes. Not impressed. I feel like a great big idiot.

Needless to say I spent all weekend feeling sorry for myself, not helped by the fact I just haven't been feeling well. I'm clearly falling to pieces and need a total body transplant.

There's further gossip on the love-quadrangle. The girl who is dating/sleeping with my ex, told her ex that he better not come near me or try anything on. She hadn't however told him she was sleeping with my ex and had been for at least 2 months. I thought he knew this and opened my big mouth saying "Well it's none of her business what we do. Anyway she can talk, she's been sleeping with my ex for months!". She is clearly going to murder me in my sleep. Fingers crossed she'll believe me when I say that I've done nothing more than hold his hand (which is actually the truth!).

However I am now getting bored of this love-quadrangle, and really feel it's a lot more effort than it's worth. I am going back to plan A: Get job. Buy house. Buy cats. Be cat lady.

I had 5" of my hair cut off today. My head now feels so light. It also means I'll be able to put my hair up in a bun or ponytail without it exploding into a big hairy ball of hairiness. Hurrah.

I'm off to sit in the sunshine now. Best make the most of this sunshine, it could be the last sunny day knowing England.

Lily xXx

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Anna said...

Indeed it could. So I hope you're out there in the sunshine, maybe with an icecream and definitely slathered in suncream, celebrating being free! Woooo!

I know everyone else commented to 'go for it' but I'm of the opposite opinion. I think you should take a big step away from the crazy people, because its starting to sound a bit too much like Hollyoaks...