Sunday, 1 June 2008

Post-Exam Weekend Madness

Strictly speaking my exams aren't officially over until Friday, but as all the written ones are out of the way and there isn't much preparation that can go into a project viva I had a pretty mad weekend, hence the lack of posting. In fact I think I'll now need to sleep for a month to recover.

The last exam was OK. The questions as always were a little random in part, but I could answer one of them really confidently and I'm pretty sure I got a few marks on the other one. I'm just so glad that I can go back to my lovely multiple choice exams next year.

Friday evening, when I got home, my Dad's friend had kitted out my Dad's bar with loads of lovely birthday balloons and banners, and I got a big cake. I was so pleased. Pretty much all my friends came along too, which made the night absolutely amazing (apart from one little incident that I may or may not write about later depending on how angry I still am). I got even more presents (I really got spoilt this year), the highlight of these was a hand knitted bright orange scarf made my Dad's business partners little girl. It might be the coolest present I have ever got. I'll try to take a pic and post it later if i can find my camera under the huge piles of presents.

I had planned Saturday to be a calmer, less alcohol fuelled night out. This totally didn't work out. I pretty much drank my body weight in champagne. I blame everyone for being bad influences and topping up my glass too often. Strangely I don't seem to have a hangover, so I could quite possibly still be drunk.

Plan for today is just to chill out, read some books and hang out with my big sister and niece. Maybe a nice long afternoon nap is in order. Napping is definitely my new hobby. Well maybe not so new.

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and/or luck with my exams. You all made me smile!

Lily xXx

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