Thursday, 29 May 2008

Happy Birthday To Me...

It was my 21st birthday yesterday and I had such a fantastic day! My flatmate brought me a glass of champagne in bed, which was lovely. I need to wake up like that every morning.Went for tapas at lunchtime with my Dad, his girlf and her son, which was really nice. Unfortunately the champagne kept flowing and I had not 1 but 2 champagne cocktails. Bad move. Especially when I said I wasn't drinking! Oops.

Ended up going for more drinks and dinner with a few friends from uni at my fav thai restaurant. Unfortunately I was a little too drunk to fully appriciate it, but it was great none the less. I got so many really thoughtful and beautiful presents too. It just shows how well my friends know me.

Unfortunately I have a stupid exam tomorrow and I am so hungover. This is not the most sensible thing I have ever done. Oops. Thankfully this is my last written exam. Hurrah! In the afternoon afterwards my flatmate and I are jumping on a train home to go and party some more. I can't wait!! Seeing all my home friends will be fab.

Lily xXx


Lollipop xx said...

Glad you had a nice birthday :). It was my housemate's 21st this week too and she unfortunately did spend it revising. I personally prefer your plan of champagne and good food.

Did your last written exam go ok?

Tofu said...

Good luck for your exam today..i had a rather hellish time with free radicals...and by the looks of your blog..your not enjoying your lipid-y cycles either!

...but on a nicer note.. exams are all over now.. and the library can now return to its near empty quiet state, and you will be saved from the creepy 24 hour they won't be offering you their bed/flat for at least another 10 months or so until the next summer exam revision season. ^^

Mike G said...

Happy belated birthday from America!