Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Extreme Panic Revision Update

2 more revision days. 3 days until exam.

Thank goodness... I finally got some work done. I'm seriously starting to freak out. If I'd spent all last week working as hard as I did today I might have the slimmest chance of passing this exam. Just to read through my notes takes 4 hours and I'm a fast reader!!

Wrote 3 more practice essays today which makes somewhere over 20 done. In a way this is good because it means I'm looking extra stuff up, but I'm freaking out that the content of my notes is not enough to make the essays from.

Tomorrow (which is now technically today) I'm hoping to read all of my notes, plus the 20-something essays I've written and maybe write 4 more essays. Needless to say I shall be in the library at 9am and will probably stay until 9pm. I know cramming isn't always the best plan but it's better than nothing. Tomorrow is the day before the day before the exam. So technically thats not cramming. Pulling an all-nighter on thursday would be cramming. Which I'm NOT going to do. On Thursday I'll be home by 7, have something nice for tea, probably freak out and read notes until 11 or so and then I should crash out and get a good night's sleep.

I'll probably take 5 or 6 little revision cards to the exam in the morning to kill time while I wait. Unlike many I believe in the power of last minute memorising of stupid things I can never quite remember (such as the enzymes involved in steroid synthesis).

I need to have the dicipline to go to the library after the first exam and start revising for the second one. I really want to go for lunch with my Dad on my birthday which is the 28th and then dinner in the evening with my friends so that basically gives me 5 days to learn ALL of 1 course-unit. By working the evening after my first exam I'm gaining another 4 or 5 hours of revision. Much needed revision. I'll probably try to revise on the morning of my birthday too. What fun. Not long until its all over now!! Scary stuff.

No reminders about my project viva please. I'm pretending that exams end when the written ones end. I shall be very pleased to get this chapter of my life over and done with.

Lily xXx


Dragonfly said...

I always take cards or notes while waiting for the exam, and toss them in the bin on the way in. People tell me to relax before the exam but I never can.

Lily said...

Yeah.. relaxation is not an option in my opinion. Relaxing panics me more. At least if I'm reading, even if I'm not taking anything in, I'm a little calmer.