Sunday, 25 May 2008

Chugging Along with Revision

I'm back in the library squirreling away like a little scientific squirrel. Managed to read the entire lot of my notes for this exam this morning so I'm going to spend the afternoon tackling some past paper questions to try and fix some of the knowledge in my head. There are so many annoyin little details to learn for this exam. Lots of cellular bits and bobs with receptors and kinases and other things I will never understand. Because it was raining really heavily all morning and most exams are over the library is almost empty and for once it's peacefully quiet. At least this means I have a small chance of getting some work done.

I'm going to stay at the library as late as I can force myself to because my flatmate has her boyf around, and it'll be nice to give them some time without me in the flat too. Things would become alot less romantic if I joined their candlelit dinner. On the plus side it means I should do a lot of work... or at least that's the idea.

Yesterday I bought some new tanning moisturiser. I was looking for the Nivea one as Anna from Being Enough was singing it's praises. Unfortunately for me it must be pretty good because both shops I went to were completely sold out. Rather than being patient and getting some on another day I bought the L'Oreal one. It smells really really strongly of fake tan which I hate. However in 2 days it has turned me a slightly more golden shade of pale, it also has a tiny amount of glitter in it which is nice. It was also on offer at half price, which makes my dissatisfaction with it's smell less of a problem. At £3.50 for a big tube even it's whiffyness doesn't get me down too much.

I really better get back to revision now. Out of the corner of my eye I can see some of the other people on my course working alot harder than I am. This seems to be the story of my year.

Lily xXx


The Manchester Medic said...

Receptors and kinases - not fun. The sort of stuff that you just need to cram into your short term memory for the exam and then forget all about them.

Lily said...

If only I had a short term memory...

I actually think part of my brain is missing. I can't do short term memory recall at all... and those tests where you have to remember things backwards. Not a chance.