Monday, 5 May 2008

Deep Fried Brain

My brain is fried. I'm struggling to string together a sentence. For some unknown reason my brain just wouldn't switch on today. I woke up naturally at 6.45am feeling amazing so really thought today would be productive. The second I got in the library the feeling just went. My hand hurt so much from all the notes I've been writing and all I could do was stare out of the window at people parking their cars. What stupid person put windows in the library? Especially windows with interesting things like parking happening outside.

After a few pages of revision notes I just gave up. Decided to have an ice cream in the sunshine and go home and start to sort out the junk in my room. How is it possible for such a small person to accumulate so much random rubbish? I clearly make up for my stunted height in lots of silly little gizmos. Not Gizmo the Gremlin unfortunately. I'd like one of those. But only a nice one, not when he turns into a horrid Gremlin.

In my spring cleaning frenzy I cleared off the desk in my bedroom. Tomorrow I'm going to try and see how I get on working there and not the library. The library is getting far too loud now 1st and 2nd year dentists and medics have finished lectures. All they do is chatter. Annoying.

18 days until exam numero uno. Eek!

Lily xXx

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