Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

Why is it that whenever I put on flip-flops/a summer dress/sunglasses or anything vaguely summery something goes wrong with the weather? Last week I wore flip flops out on a beautiful day and it rained on the way home. Today I wasn't about to be caught out. When popping out to buy some milk and soak up some sun as a little revision break I thought I had the weather sussed. For the previous 3 hours it had been gorgeously sunny with the lightest breeze. I decided my combination of vest top, denim mini skirt and flip flops was perfect. Maximum skin surface area for vitamin D absorption and all that jazz. Or at least as much is legally possible in this country. Just as I got too far for it to be practical to just turn around and go home to change suddenly there was a hurricane. OK. Maybe I'm exagerrating, but it got really windy. I flip flopped as fast as I could to the shop to get milk and flip flopped home again to defrost. Disaster. Tomorrow I'm wearing a ski-suit.

Revision update: 17 days to go.

I actually got some notes written today... I've probably got another 15 minutes or so note writing before bed to be on target. Hopefully my doctors visit tomorrow won't throw off my revision too much. Thankfully my new internal body clock waking me up at 6.47am every morning should allow me to get a bit of work done before I go.

Why is it that when I revise I drink double or triple the water I usually would? Not only do I spend valuable time running up and down the stairs for more water I also need to wee every half hour. It's abnormal. I'm abnormal. But hey, I've known that for a while.

Lily xXx

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