Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Cleaning Mayhem

Today I have had a highly busy yet unproductive day. I got an email from my landlord this morning saying he wanted to bring people to see the flat. It was a tip. My room alone was a hole of exam revision notes and textbooks. My bed on its own has 3 large notepads, loads of loose sheets of paper and textbook in it, and my desk was piled high.

My flatmate and I spent hours cleaning the place. I have to admit that it looks really good now. However as nice as it is to be in a shiny clean flat, I got virtually no work done today. Tomorrow I have to go to the GP and to see Backstreet Boys, so yet again... I probably won't get much work done. Fortunately for my landlord the first group of people who came through the door decided they wanted to rent the flat. Hurrah! The should mean no more disturbances while I'm trying to revise. I could not handle another day of manic cleaning in the run-up to exams.

Revision Update. 10 days to go.

Not only did I not get much work done today but I've started to freak out about past paper essay questions. They're really hard. Not only are they hard but the answers aren't in my notes. Argh! Our course organiser promised we'd be able to answer the questions just using our lecture notes. He's a big liar. I should know this as he was my project supervisor. Grrr.


Anna said...

Uh oh, past papers. Always so depressing...

And, um yeah, like, the Backstreet Boys? Is it, like, um, 1995?!

Lily said...

In my mind it's 1997 and I'm still 10 years old!!