Saturday, 3 May 2008

Anything But Boris

Today I have a whirlwind of disjointed thoughts in my head, so I apologise in advance for the randomness and lack of flow in this post.

First and foremost, Londoner's what were you thinking?! Boris?! It's no coincidence that Boris' nickname is the Buffoon. I'm so disappointed. I love Ken. Which reminds me of a story...

Freshers week this year, I'm rather hungover and stumbling to uni to help out at a stall on the freshers fair. In my haze I glance towards the river, it's swooshing and splashing makes me feel less sick. This crazy old man thinks I'm looking at him. Bugger. "Hello" he says cheerfully. "Hi" I groan thinking "Bloody hell not another crazy person. Am I fly paper for freaks?". Anyway crazy old man asks where I'm going and says it's great I'm a med student. He also tells me how he's born and bred in the area. As the conversation goes on I think "Crazy old man, you look rather familiar". Next thing I know he's waving bye bye and strolling into City Hall. It hits me. It was Ken Livingstone. What a nice chap.

Even though I woke up depressed after nightmares of a Boris-run London, the whole day was rather good. The sun shined so much that my face and arms are a bit brown. If it's like this tomorrow I'm taking out suntan lotion. Managed to get a decent amount of notes written in the library and had an amazing lunch. Dim Sum.

There is another reason the library was so fun today. The hottie next to me kept stretching and flaunting his six-pack. So yes, I drooled over him. I'd like to add to this that I'm not one of those crazy girls who's obsessed with only gorgeous men. I get obsessed with not so gorgeous men too because in the end what matters is how someone makes me feel not how they look. However, this doesn't stop me perving over hot men flaunting their six-packs in the library.

My last thought of the day is guilt. Why does the idea of going to the pub for a few drinks on a Saturday night over 2 weeks before my first exam make me feel so guilty? I'm not doing any work now, but I certainly can't go out and have fun. Probably because I realise I have to go to see both Backstreet Boys and to my friend's 21st birthday dinner before my first exam and then my 21st is between exam 1 and exam 2. Woe is me.

Lily xXx

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