Thursday, 15 May 2008

Backstreet's Back... but now they've gone again.

Backstreet boys last night was amazing. I felt like i was 10 years old all over again! They played practically every song that was ever a hit for them and some of the new stuff. In fact they were on stage for almost 2 hours, which is pretty good considering a lot of big names don't stay on for much longer than 1. I was also really impressed that my £27.50 tickets were really really good seats, while my flatmate paid over £60 for spice girls and was up in the ceiling of the venue. It was such a revelation going to such a big pop concert. In fact I've never seen a pop band live before. By the time I was old enough to be going to see bands I was much more into indie and rock, so I'm really glad I took this chance to experience something different.

On a less jolly note the GP has decided I'm having one of the swollen lymph nodes in my head or neck being biopsied or cut out because they still haven't gone down and I'm losing a stupid amount of weight as well as being really tired all the time. Fingers crossed it's down to stress.

Interestingly I got an email earlier with the governments response to the petition for free accomodation for FY1 doctors. Once I've got some revision done I'm going to comment on this because to put it nicely its made me a little angry.

Revision Update. 8 days to go.

Argggghhhhhh! To keep to my timetable I have to write 6 practice essays every day until Tuesday! This wouldn't be so impossible if I had any idea what to write for any of them. Meh.

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