Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Grumpy Lily

Sometimes I wonder if I am in the library or if I am in a playground. I've just had a bunch of giggling girls stand behind me throwing things at each other and squealing. Why oh why do they always have to stand near me? It's so annoying. There's loads of grass outside, if you want to run around like little savages go and do it there when I won't be disturbed!!

As you can probably tell from my grumpyness I am not in the best of moods. This is because my revision is going awfully. I am actually retaining NOTHING. My Dad made the mistake of asking how revision was going on the phone last night and I almost burst into tears. The fact I completely don't understand alot of it doesn't help. Learning and understanding pathways (especially involving lipids) has always been my weak point, and unfortunately this exam focuses alot on things based around metabolic pathways. Eek. I'm screwed. Although I guess at the end of the day, no matter how upsetting it'll be when I get bad results, doing less than brilliantly on this BSc isn't the end of the world. At least failing this year won't make me fail medicine.

On the plus side two good things have happened today. Firstly I've eaten lots of milkybar. This makes my insides happy. My lovely flatmate's lovely boyf brought it back from Tesco for me. Mmmmmm. 900kcals of white chocolately goodness. Secondly I think my lymph nodes are going down... If they are it's fantastic. It means some evil surgeon won't have to cut one out or stick a big needle in one, and most of all it would mean I don't have lymphoma or anything bad like that. Hurrah! To be perfectly honest apart from being a bit more tired than usual I don't feel particularly ill so I really doubt it is anything that serious, but still the GP seems worried so it's rubbing off on me. Needless to say the hospital STILL haven't got back to me about biopsying my lumps. Considering they completely forgot about me last week I don't hold out much hope of them getting back to me this week.

It's my birthday tomorrow!! Yay. It would be a shame to revise all day on my 21st birthday so I'm going out for lunch and then dinner. Fingers crossed I'll have the motivation to do 3 or 4 hours revision over the day so it's not completely wasted.

Right. One more squeak out of the noisy library girls and I'll have to stab one of them with my biro. If I dont' blog again for a few months it's because I'm in prison for GBH....

Lily xXx


the little medic said...

I had a similar problem in the library but with people on the phone. I'd go with stabbing them. Wankers

Oh, and happy birthday.

Carina said...

Happy Birthday to you too! Hope you have a great day, despite the studying and exam stress. Good luck with exams and take it easy today- it's your (our) birthday. :)