Wednesday, 21 May 2008


I'm allergic to the library. They must have cleaned the desks last night because after 2 hours of resting my arms on the desks they've broken out in hives exactly where they've been touching the table. Lovely. I've had to resort to putting on long sleeves, but with the sub-zero air conditioning in here thats probably a good thing.

I'm also allergic to revision in general. It's brought me out in spots. Attractive.

My tiredness from yesterday has also now caught up on me. I've got "afternoon-slump" and it's only 11.30. This doesnt usually hit me for another 3 hours, but it's the most difficult thing to work through.

I've also just found another huge gap in my notes for something that has come up in loads of past papers but has been totally skimmed over. Meh. Too much hard work!

Lily xXx


Anna said...

Keep going... not long now! Good luck!

Michael_Garcia said...

ahaha, next time I'm asked to study with my lab partners in the library, I will know what to say - "I'm allergic to the library."

I just started to read your blog and from what I gather, in the UK students begin their medical education from year 1. Unfortunately, in the U.S the journey begins with 4 yr's of undergrad, and then another reapplication process for 4 yr's of med school. I'm about to begin my last 4 years at UCLA and decided to blog about the journey like yourself. I'll make sure to come back and learn more about your path in the UK medical education system.

Lily said...

Yes, we start medical school straight after high school. I'm pretty sure that although you have the hassle of applying for medicine after already doing an undergrad degree, that the American system is much better. If I hadn't done this extra intercalated year I'd be 23 when I graduated, and that feels scarily too young to be a doctor! In fact 24 still seems pretty young...