Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Birthday Fun

Yesterday was my flatmate's birthday. It started off awfully. She ended up going to the emergency dentist to have a huge abcess where her wisdom tooth is coming out drained. It looked so painful and was all pus filled and horrid. Unfortunately she was also given antibiotics that she can't drink on. The evil ones that begin with M (shows how good my pharmacology knowledge is!) Anyway they basically give you a hangover within 15 mins of having a drink. Needless to say she's starting them today, not yesterday.

I cooked a celebratory birthday breakfast which she just about managed to eat and overall I think she had a great day. Lunchtime she went out with her Mum and Uncle, meanwhile a surprise was underfoot. One of her best friends from home (which is up north) came down to surprise her as he'd said he couldn't make it. The look of surprise and the squeal of delight when she saw him was priceless. I think she was suitably thrilled.

We all went for dinner at Strada which was really nice. Some of her home friends, her boyf, some old school friends and my clinical partner for next year all came along. It was such a nice mixed group. Everyone was really interesting, so conversation always flowed which is great. I hate going to meals with lots of new people who just don't seem able to hold a conversation.

I went home to get some sleep, along with one of my flatmates friends as we were both up early in the morning, but everyone else went off partying. The vomit down the side of the toilet when I got up for a wee in the night kind of suggests that they must have had a good time, or they'll have been so drunk they won't remember so can just believe they had a good time. I feel dead boring not for going out. I literally got home, had a cup of tea while watching the last half of gossip girl and then toddled off to bed.

On the subject of gossip girl it's the season finale in the US tonight! Hurrah! Thank goodness for the Internet so I don't have to wait months to watch it here. I probably shouldn't admit to being totally addicted to it, but I LOVE it. Its amazing. I can watch it without having to use my brain which is always a bonus this time of year. I also love the fact all the characters have a bit of a bad side. I think that's pretty good as too many programs have annoyingly goody-two shoes people in them. I will however admit it is basically the OC but set in Manhattan.

Anyway I'm in the library now so really should be getting on with my work. I'm going to have a cram-tastic 3 days in this library. Joy.

Lily xXx


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Lily said...

Yup, thats the one!

My flatmate almost had one after a full day of drinking cider last night. Fortunately I stopped her and she started them this morning.

Part of me wants to see what happens when they're washed down with a bottle of beer... but I guess it's much healthier and more pleasant for all involved to just read about the side effects on Dr Google.