Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Hairy Hoovering

I thought packing was bad but it is nothing compared to having to clean the flat afterwards. There was just so much random stuff that needed to be thrown out. Worse than that there was two years worth of dust and dirt hidden in certain corners. We even washed the walls in some parts of the flat. The scariest thing however was when I hoovered. I made sure the brush bit was down on the hoover so it brushed the carpet too and so much hair came up. Most of it was mine, a fair amount was the flatmates. I'm surprised we both still have full heads of thick hair as we malt so much.

On the way home from the flat a man offered me his seat on the train. It shows chivalry is not dead. I usually end up having to stand for the 40mins until the first stop where alot of people get off. I guess I looked pretty tired today as I have been feeling more and more ill recently, he asked if I was feeling OK and gave me his seat. Lovely man. I think I would have just curled up on the floor if he hadn't.

Fingers crossed the weather stays good tomorrow. Then I can go to the beach. Hurrah! I haven't been to the beach to sit in the sunshine yet this summer as I never seem to be around or free when the sun is shining. I need to synthesise some vitamin D.

Lily xXx

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dr_dyb said...

Being a male with rapidly (too rapidly??) receding hairline, I also know the perils of moulting. My biggest worry though was when I bought a new super duper hoover, and hoovered my bedroom and it filled the container full of random dust... It still scares me. Was I really breathing all that in?

More excitingly I have discovered teh wonders of shake n vac!