Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Time Flies

This has been one of those weeks where so much has happened, yet it's so hard to know how to put it all into words. Hence the lack of blogging. On Wednesday I had a GP appointment. Some of you may remember I have a load of swollen lymph nodes the doctor thought might be lymphoma. As I didn't fit the NICE criteria for urgent referal I've been waiting for the biopsies for a month. Recently I've been feeling more and more ill and more lumps have appeared. Mostly I just feel exhausted all of the time, but the headaches and lack of appetite are getting worse and worse and really getting me down. So I thought I'd pay another visit to the GP. I now fit the criteria for urgent NICE referal so fingers crossed within the next fortnight I'll have this worry off of my mind and I'll know whats wrong with me.

I've also been having boy problems. Namely not knowing what the right decision to make is. I'm still thinking I should just buy 10 cats. They'd give me cuddles and love and wouldn't be half as complicated.

Get the keys for my new flat tomorrow. Hurrah! Finally! I can now officially call myself a home owner. Unfortunately I have so much paperwork and such like to do to change my address. I also have to choose a bed, a sofa, tables, rugs... etc etc etc. I am so bad at decisions. Eek!

Lily xXx


p53 said...

I hope that everything works out fine.

The Manchester Medic said...

Good luck with the move. I know how stressful these things can be even when everything goes well, so I don't envy you!

Anna said...

Eugh moving. I hate it. Choosing new furniture is brilliant though!

Hope your urgent referral manages to sort things asap...