Friday, 11 July 2008


I haven't blogged for ages. This is because absolutely nothing has really happened. I'm still waiting for my lymph node biopsies. So much for a 2 week maximum wait. I'm trying not to rant about the NHS and slag it off, but this is really making it hard. To make things worse I feel even more ill. 4 or 5 hours working behind a bar now has me so knackered that I have to go straight to bed afterwards. I've also developed a hacking cough. Not nice. Whenever I breath/talk/laugh I just start coughing so badly I sound like a car that won't start.

Talking of cars... mine has just cost me £170!! The windscreen wiper came unattached from the wiper motor in the pouring rain while I was driving down the motorway to get to my new flat. Not fun. On the plus side at least it's fixed now. Fingers crossed it'll be OK for a while.

I've started furnishing my flat. The first thing I bought (before a sofa, bed or table...) was a 37" telly. It was in the sale, which is how I can justify it. It's lovely. Very very very lovely. Today I made the most of the DFS "double the savings" sale and got a gorgeous red sofa and arm chair. Lets just hope I haven't buggered up and it actually fits in the flat. Now all I need to do is to buy a bed and a mattress and then I have all the basics. I think this calls for another trip to Ikea. I even have a loyalty card now. I'm part of the Ikea Family. This fills me with joy... especially because it means I get money off meatballs. Hurrah!!

I also found out that I got a 2.1 in my intercalated degree. Phew! I'm now feeling very pleased with myself, turns out I'm not as much of a dummy as I first thought.

On that note I am going to listen to my chest with my stethoscope some more, and continue to feel sorry for myself. Oh what I would give to still be in my uni flat where I'm sure the flatmate would make me a cup of tea. I guess I'll just have to die of thirst and cough and enlarged lymph nodes quietly in a corner... Woe is me.

Lily xXx


The Manchester Medic said...

There's nothing quite like a trip to IKEA. I was there myself only a few days ago. I turned down the chance to get a loyalty card though.

Anna said...

Aw, poor you, that sounds very sucky. Especially not having anyone to make you tea :(

Congratulations on the 2:1 tho! Thats fantastic!

I also am a huge fan of Ikea. I always get extremely excited and run around bouncing on the beds and posing in the kitchens. Which leads to exhaustion by the time I've reached the tills, resulting in the neccesity of a large bag of Daim to aid recovery. Yay! My new Ikea furniture arrives tomorrow, complete with my Dad who will be putting it all together :)

the flatmate said...

wait til im down then we can both go to ikea! and i might even make you a cuppa my dear! hehe. the boy refuses to go to ikea with me coz he knows he'll be in there for hours and hours...damn him! anywho, see you soon. xxx

The Little Medic said...

I waited 4 weeks for my 2wr appointment too. What a shambles. Hope things go ok.

As for IKEA, I love it too!