Friday, 25 July 2008

Lost Cable

The birthday cake went down so well. I even remembered to take a picture, although admittedly this was after half the thing had been eaten, but who can blame me for getting carried away in the excitement of the moment? Unfortunately I've put the cable that attaches the camera to the computer somewhere safe (so basically I've lost it) until I'm properly moved into the new flat so I can't show anyone yet. It'll probably be up by next year knowing me.

The weather has been so good for the past few days that I'm in an exceptionally good mood. Yesterday I did little else than eat, drink and relax in the sun with a book. I also picked up some bargains from Boots. They had Venus razors with 5 blades for £2.25. Bargain of the century. They also had the shampoo I use on 2 for 1. Hurrah for bargains! I'm rapidly running out of money because of furnishing this flat.

Bed is being delivered on the 15th of August along with a matress and some drawers. Sofa is beign delivered at some point in that week or the next week. Today I'm going to ikea (again) to get the stuff they wouldn't deliver. Most important are the stools for my breakfast bar. At under £10 a stool it actually pays for the petrol I'll use to drive there. If i think it'll fit in the car I need an ironing board too, and a drying rack for clothes and perhaps a new bit to go in a drawer for cutlery. Sometimes I think I'd be better having a van and not a car. Annoyingly I have two boxes of wine in my boot I've been carting between home and London as someone wanted me to take them to London so they could pick them up and they haven't. I've been too lazy to carry them out of the car and put them in my flat because they're really heavy. I probably should as the heat of the car cannot be good for the wine, but at the end of the day I'd rather have their wine go funny than my back get sore.

Off I trot to Ikea again....

Lily xXx

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