Sunday, 13 July 2008

Making Myself at Home

My whole life seems to be taken over by thoughts of furnishing and decorating. My morning has been taken up by buying paint. I spent 2 hours in Homebase just getting paint for the celings and skirting boards. It's plain white yet it took me that long to choose. Why have so many types of white paint? I knew I wanted gloss for the wood and emulsion for the celings. Eventually I gave in to confusion and made my Dad come and help me choose. The added bonus to this was that he insisted on paying. Hurrah!

Back to Ikea in the week to buy my bedroom furniture and I'm also starting painting all the wood work and celings. I'm going to take photos of the rooms before, during and after the decorating. Fingers crossed I can get some help with it all, there's so much to do. Thankfully nearly everyone I know is volunteering to help out at some point. I've even convinced my dad to put up a wall of funky wallpaper. Woo!! Now I just need to convince him to put my bedroom furniture together, put up my curtain rails and fit some shelves. I think I may be being a bit optimistic.

Tomorrow I get to use polyfiller. I'm unnaturally excited.

Lily xXx


Sengcheek said...

wow the strangling thing sounds quite serious! I'd definitely think that one through...

However I have randomly abused my gf in my sleep. I apparently punched her in the back whilst I was asleep (so can't remember) and I have elbowed her in the face once! lol it was so funny, I was actually semi-awake and I have no idea what possessed me to do it but I randomly swung down and elbowed her (quite hard) just above the eye. Luckily other than the initial pain, there was no long term damage.

Seriously though - domestic abuse is wrong.

Anna said...

oooo that must have been so frightening... good luck with the dumping conversation!