Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Very Angry

Yesterday I went all the way to London. I got myself all worked up. In the end some vascular surgeon decided that she wasn't the right person to be looking at my lymph nodes and has just referred me to someone else. She's told me this could take 6 - 8 weeks. I'm really not happy.

To make it worse she was the most infuriating person ever. She hadn't even bothered to read my notes. When I mentioned end of year exams she asked if they were GCSEs or Alevels. It says 21 and 1 month in big letters at the top of the piece of paper she had. She then went "Well if it's only one lymph node..." actually love, it's 9. After this she proceeded to piss me off even more with "I'm sure you're feeling otherwise healthy, so it's probably nothing. Wait. You haven't had any other problems have you?" well discounting losing almost a stone in weight in 3 weeks, having night sweats, feeling so lethargic I can hardly do anything and recently catching every bug around I guess I haven't had any other problems. Idiot. She also rubbed some of my lymph nodes, then typed on the computer, then rubbed me some more, then touched another patient. All without washing her hands. I was sorely tempted to disinfect my head and neck after that.

In fact I'm so unhappy that I'm starting to wonder why I'm training to work in such a disorganised, badly run, below par institution.

Lily xXx


Bright-eyed said...

That's crazy! Almost like she was deliberately trying to be incompetent... I think I would have got pretty arsey with her, it would have been interesting if you'd picked her up on the lack of hygiene (something banged into us students when on wards or sitting OSCEs!).

I hope they manage to sort something else a little sooner and all goes smoothly.

Anna said...

How bloody awful. How the hell did she pass her finals? She basically said everything we'd taught to say when taking a history.

Damn doctors.