Monday, 4 August 2008

Where's My Motivation?!

The realisation of how much I've forgotten during the last year has finally hit me today. My anatomy knowledge is about as comprehensive as being able to sing "heads, shoulders, knees and toes..." while just about pointing to the right parts of the body. Oops. I also can't remember the smallest bit of pharmacology, all I know is that paracetamol is quite good at getting rid of my headaches.

You'd think that this would kick me into gear and I'd start revising, or more accurately relearning, the stuff that I can't remember. No such luck. I just can't get the motivation. I have tried, but I've got as far as colouring in a few pages of my anatomy colouring book. It's surprisingly addictive.

I've also lost the motivation to clean my room in my Dad's flat. It's a bomb site. He's hoping to turn it back into his living room when I leave in September. At the moment he'd be lucky to get through the door. In fairness half of the "mess" is boxes and bags of stuff to be moved to my flat once I've decorated. Unfortunately the other half is lots of random junk I've collected over the years and just dumped in various places. I wish I was less messy and much more tidy and organised. I'm sure it's genetic because my Dad is just as bad as I am.

I'm starting to get somewhere with decorating. If only people had told me things that they thought were obvious before I started. I didn't know you were supposed to lightly sand gloss before you painted over it again. From the incredulous looks I've got while telling people this I'm guessing that I'm the only person on the planet who was born without this simple fact ingrained in my brain. I'm going to start to paint the walls of my bedroom tomorrow. One wall, the one behind the bed, will be plum, while the others are going to be a rich cream. My bed frame and drawers are white to lighten the whole thing up, while my curtains and bedding are going to be varing shades of plum and purple with hints of gold. The plum wall is also going to have some really nice huge gold flowers put on it. It all sounds a little much, but it's going to look amazing. Now I just have to go on a hunt to find the right shade of plum and cream before I set back off for London.

Lily xXx


Anna said...

Ooooo that sounds gorgeous! Good luck with finding the right shades!

the (ex) flatmate said...

you have to sand gloss before you paint over it???? i didnt know that! good job im reading your blog huh! xxx

Dragonfly said...

Good luck with that.....hope you have got someone to look at those nodes as well....