Monday, 11 August 2008

Random Googles

Should I be concerned that when googling "hot med students suck in bed", my blog is the first result? This leads to two other questions... 1. Why search that? 2. Should I interpret that the good or the bad way?

Other concerning google searches which lead to this blog include

"Can my DFS sofa cause allergies?" ... Well I certainly hope mine doesn't.

"Day in the life of a lazy student" ... Oi cheeky, I'm not that lazy!

"An eternal hangover" ... Ok, sometimes it does feel that way.

Randomly "Sunburn behind window vitamin" also leads here. What crazy vitamin is this? Noone told me of this strangely named vitamin and its purpose in life.

Flatteringly "Coping student doctor" also leads here. It's nice to know that even though google thinks I'm lazy, it also thinks I'm coping.

Lily xXx

1 comment:

Tofu said...

Yay, u finally made a post on the weird and wonderful things people have typed into google to reach your page! i quite like the first 2, especially the one on DFS sofas.. just because its so unrelated to your blog!