Saturday, 16 August 2008

Happy Bed Day To Me

Finally. I've actually got furniture. My flat is starting to feel like a home.

The sofa delivery was straight forward, they just turned up and lugged it upstairs in pieces, then put it back together and left. The downside is that I haven't finished painting the living room, so I have to wrap them up in dust sheets and try not to get them painty. The upside is that they are amazing. The sofa is long enough for my boyfriend to fully lie down on and he is just over 6ft tall. The armchair is very cosy too. It's the most comfy armchair I have ever curled up in. In fact it was so good that I read two books in it the day I got it.

The bedroom delivery from Ikea was not so straight forward. They got lost. They then phoned up to say they weren't delivering because of a road block. I had to call them back to tell them the road block is for a totally different road and talk them through directions on the phone. Finally it arrived. Unfortunately the boxes were too heavy for me to move and open without squishing myself so I had to do without furniture. The boyfriend surprised me by taking the afternoon off work and turning up to help me put the stuff together. It's so nice now it's all together. Unfortunately the bed squeaks as the joints are metal on metal so I'm going to try putting some WD40 in its nooks and crannies. Amusingly my Dad phoned while the boyfriend was helping me (read: actually doing all the work himself) put up the bed. I proudly told my Dad that the boyfriend was being amazing and assembling my bed, who shouted "well thats not without self interest is it?" on the other end of the phone loud enough for the boyfriend to hear. Mortifying!

I have the rest of the weekend working behind a bar to try and make up for all the cash I'm spending. Fortunately it's less than a month until student loan day. Hurrah!

Lily xXx

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