Friday, 22 August 2008

3rd Year is Getting Closer

I've finally found out the details of my first rotation. I'm going to be doing the chest rotation first. Although I can't remember anything about the heart or lungs since I've done a whole year of Endocrinology I'm pleased I've got this rotation first. I was dreading getting the neuro rotation first which I personally find a lot harder than any other part of medicine. The hospital I am placed at is a fair journey from my flat (I think about an hour maximum at rush hour), but students in the year above say it's the best place to do the chest rotation. Excitingly both my ex flatmates are also at this hospital, although one is on a different rotation and the other although on the same rotation is in a different firm. It'll be nice to be able to meet up for lunch or after uni, allowing us to all stay close. One of my biggest fears was that we'd all be placed miles away from each other and would completely drift apart.

I feel an awful lot calmer about starting 3rd year now I know where I'll be and roughly what I'll be doing. I've also started getting myself organised for the charity who's committee I'm on. I'm starting to make a big colourful journal so that the group as a whole can record their memories and feelings about everything we do this year. Fingers crossed not only will it give us something nice to look at, but it'll be useful for next years committee too.

My biggest worry at the moment is finding smart clothes suitable for the hospital. It's proving impossible to find some nice shirts which have short or 3/4 length sleeves, as we have a naked below the elbow rule for infection control. I'm hoping the bank holiday Monday sales will prove fruitful as the shops try to get rid of all of their summery smart clothes.

Lily xXx

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Rich said...

Best of luck huni, I know you'll do great! :) xx