Monday, 11 August 2008

The Baby is Here

The baby was born at 10 past 3 this morning and was a healthy 7lb 14oz little girl. Apparently the whole process of being in labour was a little traumatic. The boyfriend and I left the hospital about 5pm when his sister was having contractions but was only 2cm dilated. The plan was to induce her to get her into active labour quicker. Unfortunately the department at the hospital was so busy noone came to help so she stayed pretty uncomfortable, having contractions, being stressed out and being only 2cm dilated until about 1.30 this morning. After that everything just took off. She went from being hardly dilated to being fully dilated and then having the baby in less than 2 hours. Understandably she is totally knackered.

Apparently the little baby is absolutely beautiful. After she gets home this evening the boyfriend and I are going to go and see her. I don't know if I'm intruding a bit as I'm not actually family and haven't known her that long. Fingers crossed they won't mind me turning up. While in London I got the cutest little baby-grow from david and goliath as a present. It's baby pink with "Just Add Milk" written on it in colourful bubble writing. All of this baby stuff is making me so broody. Thankfully knowing someone else who has had a baby should allow me to get all my broodyness out by cooing over their baby and then I can just hand it back at the end of the day.

Lily xXx

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