Sunday, 10 August 2008

Insanely Busy Week

As predicted my week was pretty busy.

Tuesday I managed to get a bit of decorating done, thankfully I found the perfect colours. Wednesday I saw Wicked (again) in the morning and went out to the Roadhouse in the evening. Wicked was as amazing as last time even though the seat I had was possibly as far back as I could be. The view of the stage was still impressive, so much so that I'd happily have the same seat again. My night out in the roadhouse was as fun as always. I never fail to be impressed by the bar staff flairing and making cocktails. Fortunately the evening was made even better by the fact I woke up the next morning with no headache. Unfortunately I woke up after only 2 hours sleep. I really struggle to sleep with other people in my bed if I can't snuggle them. Apparently in the middle of the night I tried to snuggle my girly friend, she was unimpressed.

Thursday was a girly shopping day and then we went to see Mamma Mia in the theatre. My lack of sleep made me pretty irritable so I didn't really like the musical. To be perfectly honest the last kind of thing I enjoy watching is something about a Mum and daughter getting all mushy and planning a wedding. Especially when it's the music my Mum used to listen and sing along to at home. I managed to keep a smiley face and act like I was loving it, but especially when it got soppy towards the end it took all my energy not to just curl up into a little ball and cry. After 8 years I'd have hoped that I didn't still react like this to things that remind me of my Mum, but I still miss her so much. So many things remind me of her. The smell of dove soap from when I used to cuddle up close to her skin, the taste of tea when she'd give me a kiss before school or tucking me up in bed, the sound of her singing along to things whenever music was playing. It's so hard.

After the musical, on what was in fact Friday morning I drove back to the seaside to drop some of my girly friends home. This was my first ever longish night drive. I think if I hadn't have been so melancholy after moping during the musical I wouldn't have stayed awakw, but as it was I didn't feel tired at all. I met the boyfriend when I got back at 2am and went for a late night drive to a big lighthouse. It's surrounded by carrivans, huts, huge expanses of nothing and a power station. It looked like the kind of place zombies would jump out and devour my brains. Thankfully the zombies must have all been asleep by then, so I survived. After that the tiredness hit me and I was so glad to just curl upto my boyfriend and fall asleep. Just being with him seems to make the things that usually upset and worry my go away. We got up about lunchtime and set off to London and spent the day decorating. Unfortunately the day got off to a bad start when some idiot had kicked the wing mirror off the car, thankfully the day ended on a good note with a delcious homemade curry and how to look good naked on telly.

Saturday we decorated more. I also put together my Ikea coffee table. It looks good. Unfortunately the plum colour is hard to get even because it is so dark, but I think it's as closet o perfect as it's going to get. In the evening I curled up in bed and finally told the boyfriend a story about something that happened in my past that not many people know about. I get nightmares about it all the time, but I can't bring myself to explain what happened. It makes me feel physically sick trying and quite often the words just fail to come out. It took me ages but he was so patient and afterwards really made me feel better about it. It was such a relief as he knows about the nightmares I get and I knew he was feeling hurt that I felt I couldn't tell him what they were about. Maybe one day I'll write the story in the blog. I think it would be easier to write than to talk about.

Sunday we got up late because we're lazy and found out that the boyfriends sister was having contractions, 2cm dilated and in hospital. We drove down to the hospital to say hello and try and cheer her up for a bit. It's her first baby and is 2 weeks late. They'd planned to induce her today so it was pretty convienient that she was in labour anyway. Worrying there seemed to be a baby boom. The delivery suites were all full, one woman was giving birth in the room nextdoor and shockingly 10 minutes after giving birth the girl in the bed nextdoor was wheeled back in and all we coudl hear was someone saying "I'm just going to give you this injection to help you deliver your placenta". Not what we wanted to hear on the other side of the curtain. As far as I'm aware she's still in labour, fingers crossed the boyfriend will be an uncle to a lovely healthy baby by tomorrow morning. I was so impressed with how brave his sister was being. She was clearly in pain but shrugged it off as a little uncomfortable and still tried to be cheerful. In her position I would be petrified.

Now it's time for me to go to bed I think. I have another busy week coming up what with the delivery of the baby in the next few hours, my sofa on Wednesday and my bedroom furniture on Friday.

Lily xXx

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