Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The Plan for This Week

I'm back to my internetless flat this afternoon to do some more decorating before the furniture arrives. As fun as I thought decorating would be, it sucks. I'm completely rubbish at it. I can't get the paint colours even and I can't help but cover myself, the floor and and walls I'm not supposed to be painting in paint. It's so frustrating.

I'm pretty much going to be on my own at the flat during this week which is going ot be a bit dull. One of my ex-flatmates is going to try and come over on Wednesday, it would be really good if she could come over. Unfortunately she'll have to find her own way to my flat because I can't actually leave the flat until the sofa is delivered. Thursday and Friday my other ex-flatmate is coming from all the way up north to look at more flats and visit occupational health so hopefully I'll get to see her too. I haven't seen her for ages, I realise it's only been a matter of a couple of months but it feels like years. The worst thing about the summer holidays is definitely not seeing my closest friends as often as I would like. I'm lucky that in term time none of my home friends live more than 2 hours away, in fact I can drive from my flat back to my Dad's house in about an hour, so I don't get to miss them as much.

The other rubbish thing about this week is going to be lack of the boyfriend. He hasn't been feeling too well so I feel so guilty just abandonning him when he definitely needs some TLC. I also think it'll be the longest we haven't shared a bed since we started dating. I guess it's training for when uni starts again.

Yesterday, when visiting the gorgeous new baby, I ended up talking to his Mum about what's going to happen between the two of us when I start Uni again. I really hope we can make it work. To be fair, if my flatmate has been dating her boyfriend for over a year now and he lives a 3 hour train journey from London, I should be able to cope with less and an hour and a halfs drive.

The baby is adorable. She is totally perfect in every way. The whole situation was a bit intimidating because I was introduced to the boyfriends whole family, but I survived. I got to give the baby a nice long cuddle and now I am actually broodier than I have ever been in my life. I'm so broody it physically hurts. When I was in town later on I saw a toddler and my Dad started talking about how children are the most wonderful gift in the world I actually started crying. I didn't even think I really liked babies that much until then. My sensible side realises that I have a long time to wait before I should start thinking about having babies, but my hormones are definitely screaming at me to have one now. In fact I better stop thinking about it because my brooding pains are coming back...

Lily xXx

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