Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Bubbling Broodyness

Both the baby, the boyfriend and I survived an overnight babysitting session. Part of me was hoping that looking after a 12 day old baby overnight would put me off for the next few years, but it was actually a lovely experience. Apart from an hour of grizzlyness before her midnight feed the baby was an angel. Once she'd had her midnight feed she slept through until I woke at 6.30 am to feed her again and then she curled up on my chest and had a 3 hour doze with me in bed until her next feed. It was the nicest feeling in the world. Needless to say I am even more broody now then I was before.

After all the fun of babies and cuddling I had to go back to the real world and do more DIY and decorating in my flat. It never ends. The huge telly is now mounted on the wall, unfortunately none of the cables to plug it in are long enough now so although it looks lovely on the wall it doesn't actually turn on. On a more practical note I now have blinds in my bedroom. No more being woken up by the rude rude rude sunshine at 6.30 in the morning.

Tomorrow night my Dad's business partner's daughter, who is like a little sister to me, is coming to stay at my flat and then on Thursday we're off to the Natural History Museum and then back off home. As she's only 9 years old this is a HUGE responsibility. Not only do I have to keep her overnight, I also have to not lose her in London. Once I've succeeded in not losing her I then I have to get her back to Kent in my car. I'm so nervous about being distracted by her being in the back. It sounds strange, but the idea of being in a crash when it's just me in the car doesn't freak me out that much, however the idea of having a crash with someone else's child in the car freaks me out a lot. I'm a fairly sensible driver, but I haven't even had my licence a year yet. Fingers crossed we'll both be OK.

Lily xXx

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