Tuesday, 2 September 2008

September Dilemma

In my mind summer is officially over. This little bit of September is reserved for getting organised for the term ahead. Unfortunately I have so much to organise I can't quite bring myself to do it. I still haven't moved into my new flat, which is going to have to be tackled this week. I think I'll move as much stuff as I can up tomorrow as my Dad is around too. He's coming to help me carry my huge and now mysteriously broken telly back to Argos so they'll change it. Since he has a big old estate car it makes sense to take full advantage of the situation and stuff it as full as possible.

I have a bit of a personal/academic dilemma that surfaced today. I have the opportunity to take a really interesting course instead of my two special study modules this year. Downside is that it's infamously difficult and the lectures are on a Saturday morning. Obviously weekend time is me and the boy time. Sense tells me that I shouldn't sacrifice good opporunities for a relationship that is so young, and that if he genuinely cares, not seeing me for a few hours on a Saturday morning won't matter. However my paranoid mind is worried that he will take offence and it'll cause problems later on. Is it really worth risking what is an amazing relationship for a course I might not even pass?

Lily xXx


Rich said...

Stop being paranoid, you always overthink! :P

Merys said...

but the important question is: will it benefit you with the MTAS thing?