Sunday, 28 September 2008


Being a sensible girl I put some thought into what I could do to prepare for my first week on clinics, beginning on Monday. There are many things I could have done to prepare. Bought new pens, read up on certain aspects of physiology and pharmacology, I could have even practiced exanation technique on my teddy bears. Instead I went out two nights in a row and got hammered. Really clever. I'm currently fighting off a huge hangover which is only being held back by the fact that I'm still drunk!

On the plus side I have had an amazing weekend. I set things straight with the evil ex of my current without breaking her legs. I had a fab girly night out. I also had a fab night out with the boyf. I even managed to squeeze some underwear shopping into my weekend. Result!

Those who are in the least bit interested about the stage of decoration my flat is at (so that would only be my Dad who doesn't even read this), I still haven't finished decorating. I haven't done any decorating what so ever this week just past. Oh well. I'm getting fond of the half decorated, slightly scatty look that my living room has. On a partially related note BT still hasn't sorted out my phone line. Grrrrr. Fingers crossed that will be done by tomorrow so maybe I can get broadband by 2023. Idiots.

Anyway I am going to die in a corner before attempting to sober up so I can actually drive to London this evening.

Lily xXx

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dr_dyb said...

Soudns like a good weekend actually. I need to get hammered sometime soon.... could do with finding an So to send weekend s with tho.... Hmmmmm