Sunday, 21 September 2008

Start of a New Academic Year

So, I've survived week 1. Even more impressively I've survived week 1 without an internet connection (thanks BT).

This has been a week of learning examination techniques, which at first seemed a little scary but I think I'm getting it all in hand now. The difference in the quality of teaching is amazing. It seems that now we're in 3rd year clinicians are actually interested in teaching us how to do things rather than half heartedly showing us. Even more amazing than the doctors teaching us are the patient educators. What a brilliant idea. Basiacally patients take their own time to come and show us how to examine them. This is great for knowing how hard to push things and prod things and it allows us to find out what bothers the patients most when they're being examined. I'm really looking forward to another week of learning with their help.

Worryingly my stethoscope seems to have escaped. I'm sure I moved it to London with me but I can't find it in my flat. It also isn't at home. Hmmmm. Me thinks I'll need to have a proper dig for it. Fingers crossed I find it because I really don't want to have to buy another one.

The boyfriend is in Vegas at the moment and I miss him loads. His phone bill is going to be huge from phoning me at random times (like 7am on a Sunday morning!!!). I'm upset because he doesn't seem to be enjoying it. He's fallen out with the friend he's gone with. She has never met me and when told about me started to slag me off which is a little harsh, he didn't take it very well. She's also spent the whole holiday so far thinking the world revolves around her. He's thinking of flying home early. It would be amazing to see him, but I just wish he was having a better time so he'd stay out there and get the holiday he deserves.

On a slight tangent my best friends from home are holding a joint birthday party with the boyfriend's psycho-ex. So basically I won't be welcome. Neither of my friends realise this, but with all the trouble she's caused it's obvious she hates me. It would be cruel of me to go to her birthday and ruin it for her. I also wouldn't go without the boyfriend. This is because I only see him on weekends and I enjoy going out with him. Obviously dragging him along would make me a total bitch. Grrr. I'm so upset about it that I've even had a little cry. I just can't fathom how my friends could be friends with someone who's actively tried to ruin the best relationship I've ever been in. I really really want to go and celebrate two of my best friend's birthdays, but I can't if she's there. Unlike her I'd feel awful if I went and upset her on her birthday. Double grrrrr. I guess I'll just have to see if I can meet up with the two friends some other time.

Lily xXx

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The Manchester Medic said...

Patient educators eh? That does indeed sound like a good idea.