Sunday, 20 July 2008

Mmmmm. Cake.

Made my Dad an amazing birthday cake for Tuesday with my big sister. She's really arty so she's painted a piece of icing with an Hawaiian shirt pattern as our Dad is locally famous for his loud shirts. Excitingly it's got blue and green food colouring so I will be bouncing off the ceiling. The actual cake is so amazing it looks shop bought. He won't believe we made it. It's a beautiful lemon Madeira cake. Mmmmmm. If I can find my camera I'll take a picture of it on his birthday. I'm too scared to take it out of the box before just in case I break or ruin it.


Tofu said...

Thanks for the nice comment.. i'm glad i missed the que at guy's too! when i got there (rather late!) the room was packed, and took ages to get myself to the professor i wanted to thank (and to the drinks!)

sounds like you are a lot better from your upset tummy, and don't forget to post a picture and perhaps a recipe for the cake too!!

Craigz! said...

Innocuous Bystander One: Oh my God! A rift in space and time has opened up! I can see Hawai over there!!

Innocuous (But Slightly Wiser) Bystander Two: No no dont worry, it's just one of Patrick's shirts!

Dragonfly said...

Hawaiian shirt awesomeness on a cake. I love it.