Thursday, 17 July 2008

Tummy Bug

I have had the most disgusting 24 hours of my life. At 2am I starting being violently sick. I threw up every 15 minutes until about 6.30am. This is when I started simultaniously pooing and vomitting. This carried on for about 2 more hours. I then went back to just vomitting. At around 9.30 my Dad noticed strange noises coming from my room. The sound of me wretching up bile. Obediantly he popped to the shop to get me some dioralyte as I reckoned I must be pretty dehydrated and that could be why I felt so awful. It wasn't until after 4 this afternoon that I could face drinking any. I'm still feeling pretty sorry for myself.

On the plus side I have my biopsy booked for the 29th so I should finally find out what's wrong with me. Hurrah!

Lily xXx

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the (ex) flatmate said...

i do hope youre feeling better soon lovely! love (no hugs or kisses coz you might be sick and poo on me) hehe.