Monday, 28 July 2008

1 Day Until Scary Day

It is amazing how much flatpack furniture can fit in a Fiat Punto. I managed to get 2 breakfast bar stools, a huge coffee table (that weighed almost as much as a small elephant), an ironing board, a toilet brush, some arty bits and lots of random things that I probably didn't need into the back of the car. I think I could have fitted the flatpack boxes for my bed too, but that's being delivered next month. It'll be so exciting to have something other than a blow up mattress to sleep on.

On the subject of sleep I've managed to completely freak out my new boyfriend. We've been friends for a while and after all my disasters with men recently decided to give the two of us a go. It's going fantastically. I don't know why I was so worried about dating a friend. Anyway, back to the point, I was staying at his last night. So I curled up and went to sleep. I've been stressing out a bit all weekend because I'm having my lymph node biospy tomorrow and I'm a big wimp when it comes to medical proceedures. So I went to sleep with a lot on my mind. As always happens when I go to sleep worrying I had a horrible nightmare. To sum it up it was a really graphic dream about when my Mum was ill in hospital before she died. I woke up in fits of tears physically shaking. Understandably the boy was woken up by this. So he stayed up worrying about me. Oops.

Scary lymph node biopsy tomorrow. I wish I knew more what to expect. My GP has said they'll either just take a needle biopsy or if they feel like it whip a whole lymph node out. She's also said they could use either local or general anaesthetic. I'm guessing they're planning on doing it under local as it's such a small little proceedure, and presumably they'd have warned me if I was going to be under general anaesthetic. I'm turning into such a wuss about everything that involves having to see a doctor. I guess a little knowledge can be a dangeous thing. No doubt it'll be highly uneventful. Fingers crossed they decide not to shave a patch of my hair off and take an occipital lymph node from there. I want them to take one of the ones from the side of my neck or the posterior triangle. At a push I'd be happy with them biospying the one in front of my ear as long as I could shut my eyes while they come at me with sharp things.

Lily xXx

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