Sunday, 15 June 2008

Bored of Relaxing

It's happened already. I've got so bored of relaxing that I've started working. This can only be good for my bank balance but has many of my friends looking at me like I'm insane. This is because they don't realise how fun it is to work in a bar. For all the annoying people who shout and swear or vomit on me there are 100 other lovely customers who really make my day. The other people I was working with are really hyper and cheerful like me, which made working even more fun. Work becomes a whole lot more fun when the 3 of us behind the bar are all singing and dancing and laughing, and the customers love us. I've now been working part time in this bar so long a lot of the regulars feel almost like family. It's just a really nice atmosphere. Shame some dappy tart stood on my foot while wearing high heels. It still hurts now.

Thankfully as well as enjoying work my friends are being great and putting up with my new erratic sleeping and waking hours now I'm working in the evening. This means they'll have breakfast with me at lunchtime and they don't mind waiting up late for me to watch a DVD after work when I need to wind down.

The love quadrangle is complicated as ever, but I've decided to just go with the flow and do what feels right. I really get along well with this guy so no matter what we're staying as friends, and if that develops into something more it shouldn't be an issue with the rest of our friends. I think the main issue is that my best friend is worried that he's trying to string his ex and I along. This would be bad. Now she's realised that anything between him and I is based on the fact that we get on really well and have a giggle together, I'm getting a lot less negativity.

Scarily on Tuesday I'm having my first ever big drive. I'm driving a friend 108 miles to pick up his new car, and then driving back ON MY OWN! Needless to say I am a little nervous. Especially since I have the sense of direction of a cabbage. Fingers crossed with traffic I won't be driving more than 5 hours. Knowing me I'll end up in Scotland or Wales. I'm just hoping that I manage to follow my friend's car back home. Apparently I get to drive past the junction for Ikea. The temptation to stop for meatballs might be too large to resist. Mmmmm.

Lily xXx


King Craig the Magnificent said...

A cabbage? Tell me, when did you last see a cabbage that didn't know where it was? Hmm? Exactly!

the flatmate said...

lets hope you get lost and end up at my house! yes yes yes. come to see meeeeeee!

Dragonfly said...

ANd the bonus....being paid!! Yay for all contributions to the bank accounts of us needy students...