Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Is That Phone Broken?

Today I have a nice little story for you all. It's a story about my flatmate.

On my birthday the battery on my mobile died, so I asked if she could put my sim card in her phone. It wouldn't work. When she put her own sim back in the phone it still wouldn't work. We thought it was broken. 4 weeks later she finally gets around to taking it to some phone shop to be fixed. The man looks at it. Takes the sim out. Puts the sim in the right way. The phone works. Complete and total humilation. I'd like to add that my flatmate is also a medical student. Oh the future of tomorrow's doctors.Tee hee hee

On a completely unrelated note, I survived the long drive. Woo! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Roundabouts as usual were a nightmare. I hate roundabouts. I don't think I did anything particularly stupid while I was driving though, so I feel pretty good. I even managed to do 2 left reversing around corners, and to do them pretty well if you ask me.

Back to packing tomorrow. Joy. Won't have my new flat keys in time to give these ones back so I'm going to have to move all my stuff back home and then to my new flat. Not impressed.

Lily xXx


the flatmate said...

its not my fault im a with you and the other one for 3 years has melted away the perfectly normal brain i once had and washed away the common sense i so proudly used to own. so its really all your fault...and if you had charged your phone in the first place none of this would have happened! so ner.

i would like to point out to readers that lily has a dent in her arse where she fell over...i'll let her tell that story.

Ms-Ellisa said...

At least your mobile works...

I splashed water all over mine and it's giving me a headache since then!!!

the flatmate said...

so my phone is now working...however, last night i dropped it and now the screens cracked. will this kafuffal ever end???? urgh.