Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Lazy Days

I am so loving the lazy summer student lifestyle. Even a part time job can't ruin it. It's so nice to be able to go to bed knowing that I don't have reading/essays/tutorial preparation to do.

Yesterday I had a proper lazy day. I got up about 10.30. A family friend who is a really good hairdresser came over and gave me a hair cut. Then I went for lunch with my Dad. Later I popped to the bank. After such an exerting morning I had a little afternoon nap and watched some Jeremy Kyle. In the evening I just lounged on the terrace of a bar with a friend, and happened to bump into one of my best friends who was only home for the evening, which was really nice.

Shame the haircut is a disaster. I've had it cut about shoulder length, which is around 5" shorter than it was. Now apparently 'blunt' cuts are in fashion so everyone told me not to get layers put in. My hair is far too thick not to have layers. It's awful. It also doesn't seem to curl properly at the moment, which is odd. I would have thought with it weighing less it would curl as much if not more than before. Needless to say I'm giving it a fortnight to grow on me and if it doesn't I'm having layers cut in.

Lily xXx

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Sage said...

My hair absolutely hates being cut... but give it a week and a couple of washes and it does seem to pick up a bit.

Good luck with the move