Saturday, 26 April 2008

Friendly Happy People

Today I met the nicest uni security man ever. Usually the uni security men are either asleep or busy shouting at us for breathing too loudly as we walk through a doorway. Today however, this wasn't the case.

I was trying to swipe into the building which contains our library this morning (Yes, library revision session on a Saturday. I am SO dedicated.) but my card wouldn't work. The security man was outside about to have a cigarette and noticed my problem. Before I know it he was ushering me inside, sitting me on his little security chair and telling me how awful it is that they haven't activated all of our swipes for 24hr access. Not only did he tell me this but he also showed me all the shiny new security computers. After about 20 minutes of relationship advice from him to me, and his lavishing praise on me as a nice person I was in a fantastic mood. He also pointed something important out. I pay to go to uni. This means I shouldn't be so surprised when a security person offers to actually help. Amusingly he also has an obsession with my flatmate's tongue piercing.

Anyway now he knows me by name and shouts "Hello madame lily!" every time I walk past. Stopping for a 15 minute chat every time I go outside to stretch my legs and have something to eat probably doesn't help my productivity, but it certainly helps my mood. I hope Mr Friendly-Security-Man is there tomorrow.

Lily xXx

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