Monday, 7 April 2008


It may be that I'm suffering a permanent state of PMT or it may just be that I've always been cranky and only have started to realise it now... but everything seems to make me really angry.

Yesterday's angry moment was when a friend forwarded me a link. Happy to waste some time I clicked on this link and off I was taken to a pretty website. But wait. This website was selling essays and dissertations. Not even plagiarised ones, but hand written ones. In fact for the bargaintastic (note my sarcasm) price of £4000 I could have a 10000 word dissertation, guaranteed to get a 1st in only 2 weeks. This made me so angry. Clearly if the website is there it is because people are using this and cheating. I HATE cheats. People like me, and most other students, work so hard to try and get a reasonable grade and then some rich kids with loads of money to burn can basically just buy their degrees. What upset me even more was that the website proclaimed to be "against cheating" and said the essays and dissertations should only be used for "research". Rubbish. They know that people are buying these to hand in as their own, so they should at least be honest about this shady little operation. I hope they all get paper cuts from handling their oodles of dirty money, and then i hope the paper cuts get infected and their hands fall off. That'll teach 'em.

Today I had a less angry moment, but it was still pretty angry. I bought a salad from a mini-supermarket near uni. Opened up my salad, mindlessly poured the salad dressing on, and looked down. There was literally (and I'm not exaggerating) 1/4 of a lettuce in there, in one big chunk. Thus making it impossible to properly mix my salad. Needless to say I got lots of weird looks when trying to cut up my salad with the provided spork. Even with all that effort I still just had a huge mutilated chunk of lettuce. From now on I shall make my own... or live off tic tacs.

Tomorrow I have my project presentation. I watched some of my classmates do theirs today and now I'm filled with fear. Past presentations have proven that the examiners are out to grill us at question time, but today was beyond belief. To make life worse one of the examiners is one of my supervisors and he seems to get some perverse pleasure out of telling me to do things and then shouting at me in presentations because they're wrong. He also disagrees with everything that my other supervisor says. Oh tomorrow should be fun.

Lily xXx

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Dragonfly said...

Ooooh that makes me so angry as well.
I did a thesis last year and I worked 18 hours a day for 7 months......and absolutely burned myself out and was treated like crap - and I still got 2nd uppers!!
Good luck with your presentation!!! The examiners are not out to get you, rather to grandstand and get into squabbles with the other examiners about their pet theories (which quite possibly have nothing to do with your project).
Hope it goes well!!