Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Calmer and Feeling Better

I'm alot calmer today. I totally freaked out unnecessarily. The chances of there being anything more than a virus wrong with me are pretty slim. I think they're just being ultra precautious because if there was anything major wrong and they missed it, that would be very very very bad. I just hope that whatever they find out it is they can stop because the lumps are getting bigger. My neck is all swollen on one side and the lumps in front of my ear are getting hugely bigger too. Less noticably to look at, but much more to feel, the lumps on my lower neck/upper back are getting huge. It's now sore to shrug my shoulders or lie on my back. Moan moan moan...

I've managed to do some work today. Hurrah! Not as much as I would like however, I keep getting stuck on genetics lectures (not my forte) and it takes me ages to make revision notes from them. So in the spirit of procrastination I've made soup. Mmmmm. It's chickpea and chorizo soup.

On the subject of food, I went out for thai last night. I love thai food. I had a huge plate of pad thai. I always have a huge dilemma over what to choose. Everything on the menu is so tasty. I nearly always go for pad thai though because it's been my favourite food since I was about 8. I've thought about learning to cook it, but its a scary thought. I think I'd cry if I ruined it.

Fingers crossed the library will have power from tomorrow again. Hurrah! Then I can get my revision boots back on and not be distracted by lovely lovely food. Mmmmm.

Lily xXx

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Sage said...

Thinking about you at the moment and what you are going through