Sunday, 13 April 2008

Busy Bee

What a busy weekend. Unfortunately not with my dissertation.

I ended up waitressing for a Gala dinner with a load of retired navy servicemen and women. Originally I dreaded the thought of going back to waitressing. I seem to have this scary tremor in my hands, which as you can imagine doesn't exactly help when it comes to food service. Anyway. I met some really nice people. All the customers were really chatty and lovely to me and I've noticed that what I've missed most whilst intercalating is talking to people. Obviously I talk to my friends, and I work behind a bar which involves a bit of banter, but I rarely get to have an actual conversation with someone I've never met before. On the rare GP and hospital visits in my first two years of medicine I adored being able to chat with people. Hopefully I'll still have some time for it next year.

I also won some bubble bath in a raffle they had at the gala dinner. Bonus! It's not just any bubble bath, its Marks and Spencer's Luxury Moisturising Bubble Bath. The perfect excuse to have an extra long bath with a book after I finished work. Total bliss.

My dissertation also got put on hold to spend most of this afternoon with an old friend. By that I mean a friend I've had a while, as opposed to a friend who is old. I feel so much happier now I had an afternoon of being laid back, that I'm confident I can approach the rest of my dissertation like a well oiled dissertation machine.

Unfortunately I have to waste the whole of tomorrow travelling back to London to put some samples in numerical order for my supervisor so he can measure something he is interested in, in the samples. I'm going to try and take my draft of my dissertation on the train with me and scribble down improvements but I get so travel sick. Probably I'll spend most of my train time trying to sleep so I don't vomit all over myself. The only cure for my travel sickness is to sing out loud. This doesn't go down well on crowded commuter trains.

Lily xXx

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