Thursday, 17 April 2008

Sick Day

That tummy ache I mentioned. It turned into a fully fledged tummy bug. Not only did I vomit all over the bathroom, all over myself and all over my favorite PJs, I also managed to throw up so violently I got a nose bleed. I was also convinced that I phoned my Dad from my bedroom to tell him how ill I was. When I saw him a few hours later I was really upset that he hadn't even bothered to check on me, in fact he didn't even ask if I was feeling better. Turns out I didn't call him, I just made it up in my fever-addled brain.

The family cure for stomach bugs is apparently tonic water. So I was forced to drink tonic water. Mixed in with a bit of vodka I'd have not complained but apparently it doesn't work with vodka. After years of drinking vodka and tonics it was only this morning i discovered what tonic tastes like. Bile. Yummy.

My tutor still hasn't sent me the results to put in my disseration which is due in on the 25th. I really hope he sends them today or tomorrow because I want it all finished by monday so I can have it bound. Not a happy bunny.

Lily xXx

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