Thursday, 10 April 2008

No Worries...

Hurrah! It is done. I survived! I have now officially done my last presentation of the academic year. I think it went OK. I was last so everyone was pretty much asleep when I started, and I had to shout above the sound of drilling in the other room but all in all it wasn't too bad. I only got asked 4 or 5 questions, which compared to other people's grillings was really nice. There are 3 possible reasons for this:

1. The examiners were brain dead after sitting through so many complicated presentations.
2. My presentation was so awful they didn't see the point in prolonging the pain by asking too many questions.
3. My presentation covered my project pretty well and didn't leave too many questions to ask (hoping its this reason!!).

All the questions were in my opinion really easy to answer (but that might just be because I sat up really late the night before reading everything to do with the assays I used so any question would be easy.) so i left with a big smile on my face. Unfortunately from about 2 minutes before my presentation I decided I was dying for a wee. So I spent the whole 20 minutes of my presentation/questions thinking more about my bladder than anything else. Thank goodness its worth only about 2% of my final grade. Curiously the second my presentation was over I didn't need a wee at all, clearly this BSc is sending me loco.

Rather than knuckling down and finishing my dissertation I decided to travel home after the presentation. So since I've been home, as much as I've told myself I'll do some work. I just haven't. So today I'm going to totally finish the first draft of my dissertation. And after I've finished my draft I am going to a High School Musical birthday party! Woo! Oh to be 9 years old again... Although I'm sure when I was 9 i never got a party with 55 friends invited. I don't think i ever had 55 friends all at one time in one place.

On a completely unrelated note I started reading a new book yesterday. It's called The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters. It's really weird, but so far its the good type of weird. I had crazy dreams last night. Not quite as crazy as my dream the other night where I had a whole herd of elephants. All my elephants wanted was a tin of chopped tomatoes for dinner. Unfortunately I had nothing but 2 bread rolls to feed all of them. It was quite Biblical.

Lily xXx

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Calavera said...

I like your dream! It does indeed feel rather Biblical, though I doubt they had cans of chopped tomatoes in Jesus' day...

I'm sure that you did well in your presentation - well done!

Now stop procrastinating and get your dissertation done!